The Mail on Sunday - Event - 5 Apr 2020

Table of content - The Mail on Sunday - Event (5 Apr 2020)

Scoring a goal is better than sex
‘Your self isolation is easy,’ said Geldof. ‘No one wants to be near you anyway!’
We have been so divided but this invisible enemy is bringing out the very best in our country
We have been so divided but this invisible enemy is bringing out the very best in our country
More brilliant Podcasts to listen to now
More brilliant Podcasts to listen to now
Why I left my husband for my best friend
Why I left my husband for my best friend
She Came To Stay
The Authenticity Project
A Dangerous Engagement
The Other’s Gold
Donald trump forgivably childlike? come off it, Jan!
My Dark Vanessa
And Their Children After Them
Family snap that hides a grim reality
Losing eden
Things I Learned From Falling
Family snap that hides a grim reality
Thrillers of The Week
Things I Learned From Falling
Irresistibly groovy... it’s a minor classic
17 minutes. 1,370 words. No melody
Bizet even beats Mozart in battle of the teen geniuses
Easter lamb
The Weeknd
Becca Stevens
It’s a Fact
Belsen revisited – by Dimbleby’s proud son
Your Home Made Perfect
Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back
Dynamo: Beyond Belief
Red Dwarf: The Promised Land
Keane & vieira: best of enemies
Learning from home
Little Women
Vita & virginia
Too good to go down
Pokemon detective Pikachu
A Monster Calls
The MAN in the White suit
Friday Night Dinner
Suspense. Pace. And, oh, to live in that house on the loch!
How to watch on demand TV
The vivienne takes on hollywood
Ride upon the storm
Models: street to catwalk
A family struggles to cope with autism
Why is there such a buzz about..?
Inter-sibling trouble is brewing...
More fast-paced thrills from the pen of Harlan Coben
An immigrant turns from despair to hope
Shocking revelations
Star-studded tales for kids and grown-ups
The vivienne takes on hollywood
Carrey on laughing
Addictive family saga
Communing with nature – the hard way
Jennifer Lopez takes pole position
Gentle crime drama
Austen’s biting satire
Grimm tales from the real world
Intense thriller with no see-through plot
Opportunity knocks for TV’S singing sisters
Welcome return of an old friend
Life, the universe and everything
A migrant tale with a sinister twist
If you really want more virus news...
Back to the future – for one last time
... and if you want some light relief
Gentleman jack
The Nest
Olivier awards: the greatest moments
Drama: the garrick Year
A monster calls
Race across the world
Ride Upon the storm
Blue planet revisited
Jacqueline wilson: Four kids, it and me
Secrets of egypt’s valley of the kings
Terror in paradise
The passion in plants
Notting Hill
James martin’s islands to Highlands
Putin: a russian spy story
Malory towers
Du Fu: china’s greatest poet
Yellow is Forbidden
A Day in the life of coronavirus
Return to Belsen
The gambler
The great celebrity Bake off
Alma’s Not Normal
Your Home made perfect
A country life For Half the price with kate Humble
Miss scarlet and the Duke
Dogs with extraordinary Jobs
The countess and the russian Billionaire
Drama: the kubrick test
Save me too
The good Doctor
The repair shop
Mister winner
Coronavirus: How Britain is changing
Gps: Behind closed Doors
Dynamo: Beyond Belief
Gordon, gino and Fred: american road trip
Free thinking
The great British Dig
Smokey and the Bandit
Red Dwarf: the promised land
Coronavirus: a Horizon special
Coronavirus: How clean is Your House?
Celebrity Juice
Joe lycett’s got Your Back
Kenny rogers: cards on the table
Anneka’s 80s treasure
Raiders of the lost ark
Alexander armstrong’s Heavenly gardens
The graham Norton show
Miss Fisher and the crypt of tears
Pilgrimage: the road to istanbul
Around the world By train with tony robinson
Friday Night Dinner
Britain’s got talent
Victoria & abdul
Somebody Did it Better
Spider-man: Far From Home
All round to mrs Brown’s
Saturday kitchen live
Match of the Day top ten
Charles & camilla: king and Queen in waiting
Easter From king’s

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