The Mail on Sunday - You - 13 Sep 2020

Table of content - The Mail on Sunday - You (13 Sep 2020)

Editor’s picks
Man of my dreams? I’d rather have reality
The chunky-heel boot
The tailored-to-calf boot
The ruched high-heel boot
Bakewell tart fingers
DecaDent orange, chocolate & whisky mousse
Coffee & hazelnut praline cake
Don’t miss mary berry’s Simple ComfortS on bbC2, wednesdays at 8pm
My mother’s menopause
From AArgh to zzzzz: the secrets to better sleep
How to feel good in clothes
Sowhat personal style?
A few drops of calm
My latest go-to gear
If cookIng brIngs you joy…
If fashion is your thing…
If fashion is your thing…
Save £7 when you Buy the Book!
If you love reading…
YOur sTars ★ sally BrOmpTON
£500 TO BE WON ★ NO 1,715

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